Singing to inspire & preaching to encourage!

The "J.Lane't" singing style and music has been said to be "gumbo gospel". It's an eclectic style that encompasses gospel, soul, opera, rhythm and blues with a hint of rock, but traditional gospel as it's foundation. The message of her music is never to be over taken by the style. She wants people to focus on the content, and not be bound by the "style" of gospel she is singing. Her unique voice and exciting melodies will keep you intrigued, but most importantly take you higher! Gospel is the good news of Jesus Christ and that's what J.Lane't is delivering.

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"Heartfelt singing, that inspires all!"

Caruthers Youth Group

Javon "J.Lane't" Morris will be speaking and encouraging the youth (age group 13-25) in Caruthers, Ca.  Come and be apart of this awesome ministry night!

For more details contact:

Marianela Rodriguez 559-930-6021

The "J.Lane't Style"